Top mounted roller shutters


Top mounted roller shutters are suitable for new buildings, where the highest possible thermal insulation is sought. By installing them, the insulation of the window is even increased.

By leaving the roller shutters lowered, you can decrease heat loss by 30% in winter, while stay protected against overheating due to solar insulation in summer.

Top mounted roller shutters are installed above the window (hence the name), therefore the installation of these roller shutters is only possible with the simultaneous installation of new windows. If you install a new window and top mounted roller shutters into an existing window opening, you have to take into account that you will lose a part of the opening because of a shutter box, which will be hidden under the plaster. Various color options of Roltek roller shutter slats allow the appearance of shutters to be adjusted to different types of buildings.


PVC Nagode offers three designs of top mounted roller shutters.


You can choose between various colors and designs of shutter slats.

Top mounted roller shutters RA2

The most basic roller shutter RA2, which does not allow the installation of an integrated insect screen. The RA3 roller shutter version allows the inspection flap to be located on the bottom of the shutter box inside the building.

Top mounted roller shutters KARO

KARO is a multifunctional roller shutter box, which allows an integrated insect screen to be installed and the inspection flap to be open in several different ways.

Top mounted roller shutters PURO

PURO is a new, maximally insulated, multifunctional roller shutter box, entirely hidden under the plaster.